Who should apply?

Graduate students with a background in agriculture, agriculture economics, life sciences, business studies, or economics with an interest in the agro-food sector.

The objective of the admissions process is to select the best-suited and most motivated students from each partner university to participate in the Intensive Study Programme (ISP).

Students will be selected based upon their academic performance and an interview at their local university. The interview process will be run by their local representative.

Students must submit their CV, transcripts and a personal statement.

Candidates will be reviewed based on:


Amount of credits acquired in their current master programme. Internships and theses are not included in this criteria.English fluency. This will be assessed based on certificates, the interview and the personal statement. Motivation. This will be based on the personal statement and the interview. Experiences (i.e. internships) and courses related to agriculture and/or economics are desirable, but not required.


  • Advanced level English (written and spoken).
  • At least 5 credits from business orientated classes.

Personal Statement

The personal statement is a one-page document (in English) that includes the following:

  • Introduction and personal goals. The paper should state why you are applying and what you hope to achieve through the ISP.
  • A summary of relevant past experiences in agriculture and/or economics.
  • Any element to convince the interviewer that you will be an excellent choice for the programme.

The personal statement should provide enough information to evaluate the candidate's agricultural background, English fluency and motivation for the programme.

Promptly send applications to:

TUM Students:

Dr. Hannes Lang


UCD Students:

Dr. Chenguang Li[at]

SRUC Students:

Dr. Cesar Revoredo-Giha


Wageningen U. Students:

Francesco Bimbo


U. of Cassino and Southern Lazio Students:

Prof. Carlo Russo



Best of luck!